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Hi, Keith:
Yes, Jack & Bob White's great book on the ISLAND QUEEN is most valuable. Gail lives in Texas and I'll mention it to her. I 'think' she is eager for any additional photos that people know about with names of the Trask orchestra written on the back. The professional 'promo' photos she forwarded last night are stellar and, except for missing names, I don't know if she could do much better. The photos were taken when the boat empty and there are no dancers jitter buggin' on the wood in front of the band stand. Anyway, I'll keep plugging here for her when I get a chance. Interesting the people we are put in touch with via Internet/E=Mail. I'll ask Gail if there is any marking of the CONEY ISLAND company, photographer name or copyright on the backs of these great shots.

Gail mentioned that she had pulled some ISLAND QUEEN photos from Internet sites and I sent her a few I have here that Franz kindly posted within the last couple of years.

R. Dale Flick
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