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If you go to and type in Delta Queen, you can get the entire schedule for this event, which is April 25 - 30th. The cost is $923 which ncludes lodging, meals and several tours. Not bad! They are also doing another one October 17 - 22nd.

It appears that they have the educational aspect pretty well covered, but it's quite vague on what entertainment will be offered. Seems to me this would be an ideal opportunity to get some of the 'old time' entertainers back, to show how it really was back in the days the boat ran.

Co-incidently, Barb Hameister and I are going to be there on the same dates as the elderhostal. Imagine Barb will be kept busy playing the calliope (sp?) - they haven't had a regular player ever since Bill Wiemuth left last July.

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