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Default The intrest is there.

When I was down at the boat 2 weeks ago there were 20 - 30 people I spoke to that were just standing at the bank and in the park that were so facinated about the boat and didnt even think they could go aboard. Also, at work it is surprising as to how many people I work with that have no clue as to what the Delta Queen is? When I tell them they seem very intrested and talk about going down to Coolige Park to see her. Due to the needs around the house, it will be this thursday before I can get back down there. I am hoping to speak to whoever is in charge to see about how to volunteer a day or two a week to help keep her up. As I said before, it is good to hear her sing. The next step is to see her wheel turning out of Chattanooga to plow the rivers again as she was ment to.
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