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Tom, Frank, Alan & steamboating colleagues:
Thanks for your prompt responses to Gail Goebert living out in Texas. We were E=Mailing back and forth last night. Gail forwarded a series of five professional black/white photos of the Clyde Trask orchestra taken on the last ISLAND QUEEN. Alan is right about the Trask orchestra being big. Pictured is a female vocalist with the big band on the IQ's top deck. Other shots are of the band stand and you clearly see the steel overhead of the boat. Other professional 'promo' shots have the band broken down into various ensembles with the baby grand piano hauled down on the dance floor. All of the musicians are spiffed up to the 'T' with hair cuts, bright faces, shirts/ties, polished shoes and trousers with creases like razor blades.

Unfortunately Gail's collection does not have the individual names on the back. I do identify Clyde Trask. Behind the orchestra stand is some kind of mural with painted notes. The orchestra stand was modernized over the years and the one pictured isn't the same as the high box-like affair in CONEY ISLAND's earlier press releases. The real 'kicker' to one photo is of the full orchestra and vocalist on deck. The margin is inked '1947' and I've an inkling it was snapped either in Cincinnati, on the way to Pittsburgh or while the boat was there just before the explosion and fire. Gail's quest for more photos may not bring forth pictures any better than these. Her father-in-law passed away in 1993 and now she's regretting not talking more and writing the names of the band members. I'll show these photos to mom, age 90, as she was a vocalist in the 1930s with old WLW and WKRC Radio when music and commercials were done live. She may know/remember a few in these photos but I doubt it. Band members would come and go over time.

R. Dale Flick
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