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If the bandstand was anywhere other than all the way aft on the Idlewild/Avalon/Belle of Louisville I do not remember it.
The bandstand on the Island Queen was on the port side more or less in line with the paddlewheel shaft. George Mc Bride and I played in a band on her, but not with Clyde Trask. It may have been with Milborne Stone's band. We went up and visited with the Captains Doss during intermissions. Yes, there were potted plants on both sides of the bandstand. George once "sat in" with Jack Teagarten, but not on the Island Queen.
Locating the bandstand on the side at the paddlewheel was commonplace on sidewheelers. It was impossible to look outboard there. Frequently there was a bar opposite the bandstand, but not on the Island Queen. Unlike most bandstands, the one on the Island Queen was big enough. Trask's orchestra was big, maybe fifteen pieces, and needed the space.
During World War II I served in an army band with a fellow from Trask's band. His name was Carl Mueller, of whom there are probably no fewer than twenty who lived in Cincinnati. He was a very fine trumpeter, a sort of workingman's musician, but not a star.
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