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Originally Posted by Judy Patsch View Post
Demolition Begins On Becky Thatcher Riverboat In Ohio River -

Here's the grim news... from historic KDKA about an historic boat....
today there is an article covering what is said in the video, plus the video report showing the beginning of the demolition. I don't know if that video will stay on past today or not... but it shows them placing the neon sign up on the dock, and the clawed bucket bringing up smashed parts of the Texas...also an aerial shot of the operation.
Sadly, the clawed bucket is evidence of how little of historical value remained. True it would have been nice if someone who knew how to care for these ships had purchased her. If her last hull overlay was in 1985 and she got one coat of coal tar epoxy, this was an accident waiting to happen.

If he had really cared about (or wanted to preserve) her, she was tied up at the Marinways site owned by River Salvage and could have been hauled out for inspection in October when she arrived (but, of course, it would have cost him money).

Though I don't know the current owner, I suspect that the designation on the National Register limited what anyone not wanting to spend a few bucks could do with her. I spoke with a couple of friends in the restaurant business here in Pittsburgh and none of them wanted to touch her.

The telling thing was that, according to published reports, the "extensive rennovations" performed were on the superstructure. Anyone who knew what they were doing would have focused on the hull, first.
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