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D-Day hath arrived and soon the demolished BECKY will literally be "resting in pieces". Very sad, but there's also some comfort in knowing the old girl will be out of her misery once and for all.

Click on Crews begin demolishing historic ship on Ohio River for a nauseating image of the Texas Deck being torn apart and scooped up.

As usual, some of the "facts" in the article are erroneous. Three presidents, including Teddy Roosevelt, did NOT ride on the Str. MISSISSIPPI III -- it was the first vessel of the name -- and it was two presidents, Roosevelt and Taft. And the boat was NOT built in 1899. Her superstructure is from the second MISSISSIPPI, formerly the Str. LEOTA, whose superstructure was rebuilt in 1922. At the least, the BECKY deserves an obituary with correct information!

Farewell Old Friend!
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