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Default 1950s Kahlke

Jerry is two years older than I and a bit more adventuresome. We both lived below the hill, each of us just a little over a mile from the Kahlke Yard. He often rode his bike down there and did some exploring. I only saw the yard from our car when my father would drive down along Mill St. on Sunday afternoons. In addition to the booklet on the Kahlke Boatyards, Jerry published one on ferryboats, especially about the WJ QUINLAN. In Keith's first picture, showing the WJQ, note that she still has her pilotwheel, whistle, and pilothouse acorns, this 9 years after being laid up. They removed her paddlewheel and stored it on the grounds. When it was dismantled, I don't know. Doc went to visit Kahlke when the AVALON was in town in 1954. He tried to buy the acorns for the AVALON, but Kahlke refused, saying that the boat would run again... That could be Fred K. in the picture, but he almost always wore a long brown coat, even in summertime. He looked like a homeless bum, but was really one of the wealthiest people in town, due to his almost miserly existence. His greatest expense was tips for his good looking waitresses. Those are great pictures CW took during the DQ layup. He also got out to the Hennepin Canal and photographed several local locks in that system. There were many local residents who gave the DQ passengers tours and rides around town during that 8 day layup. Luckily there was a photographer like CW around to document that experience. He has several slides of the activities on the levee and boat too. Jerry did a masterful job in researching material from many local sources, in addition to his firsthand knowledge of the Kahlke Yards.
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