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Default SAINTS Victory Parade !

Greetings From New Orleans !
Last night the World Champion , NFL , New Orleans , SAINTS were front and center stage at an extravaganga parade that only New Orleans could succcessfuly put on and orchastrate ! It was estimated that well over 800,000 people and die hard fans attended this Mardi Gras style event and to make it even more amazeing it was reported by the New Orleans , Police Department that there were NO major problems or arrests ! It was also reported that many of the SAINTS players got off the Mardi Gras floats they were riding inorder to sign autographs , hug and kiss the fans and to thank the crowds for their unwavering support through out the year ! It was also reported that Head Coach , Shaun Payton got off his float and gave the SAINTS fans to kiss , hold and touch the Vince Lambardi trophy and for him to show his appreciation as well ! New Orleans came together as One Big Happy Family and embraced the SAINTS as their own and showed their appreciation for winning the Super Bowl and giving the city , state and nation really something to be so very proud of ! WOW ! Only in New Orleans !!
So , Geaux SAINTS !
Who Dat , Who Dat , Who Dat say they're going to beat those SAINTS !!
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson

Originally Posted by Ted Davisson View Post
Greetings From New Orleans !
Home Of The NFL , Champiion New Orleans Saints !
Well to put in simply , I've never been prouder to be a New Orleans , Saints fan ! After fourty four years of franchise history , THEY finally did it !
Geaux ( Go , for Louisiana French ) SAINTS !!
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson
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