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Default Striped Cat

Good luck in trying to find eight investors willing to pony up 2-mil apiece on an overnight river boat. But eventually if they could be found, and then if what I am hearing on the local TV news and around the water cooler, Indiana may be moving gambling operations ashore, and if that happens, a "grand" riverboat may be available for converting into an overnight boat. It is 300 feet long, diesel-electric, and quite possibly the best-handling boat ever built with a huge double-staggered paddlewheel and twin Z-drives and 500hp bow-thruster for added thrust and maneuverability. She has more than ample room for overnight conversion and is quicker than a striped cat and can easily do 12 mph on p'wheel propulsion; throw in some Z's, she will do an steady fifteen without bouncing the dishes off the table.

None of the above will probably happen, except possibly the move ashore, and the grand boat is probably too tall, too expensive to run outside the trade she was built for, and may end her days mouldering away fleeted behind President's Island, but what an overnight boat this grand gal would make!
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