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Default Multi tasking

I note with interest the several ideas about crew multi-tasking. Just for the record, that model was the American West way of doing things. Cabin attendants doubled as food servers, for instance. Everyone on and off loaded baggage. And I mean everyone, including the Master of the Vessel. the Cruise Director and Assistant Cruise Directors (we usually had two) and, of course the entertainers. It was also not unusual to see the oft maligned office staff carrying bags along with company officers. If Tom Carmen and David Simmons could schlep a suitcase, so could everyone else.

Now, to be fair to MQ and AQ crews, the sheer number of pax and bags made that whole operation a well choreographed ballet involving folks who were a lot better at it than your average banjo player. But the EON and QOTW pax count was more akin to the DQ.

Entertainment staff also doubled as tour escorts on the shore excursions.

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