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I'll throw in my 2 cents, whether appreciated or not!

Some of the small east coast cruise lines...(ACCL & ACL) that Grandpa Zahn & I experienced in the early 1980's (i don't know about today???) are two that followed the "no frills" movement...cabin attendants doubled as waiter/waitress in the dining room, deck crew doubled as porters...and much of the labor at that time depended on college students during the summer months. (as Jim stated above)

Food was simple & good, usually just one or maybe 2 menu choices served family style (a big negative for me, this where a buffet would be better for me instead) no bar, just bar mixers/soda with a BYOB policy, and a cheese roll and snacks placed out in the afternoon and no entertainment.

Shore stops were simple, much along the lines as compared to the likes of the Delta Queen at that time...given the similarity in pricing, even @ that time...I know neither Grandpa Zahn nor I were impressed with ACL(nor were some family friends of ours who were on that ACL trip with GpZahn & me, and who also travelled the DQ & AQ several times) as we laughed how were were the 4 youngest people aboard...and Grandpa at that time was in his early 80's!


Downside, in my opinion...BYOB booze on board, BYOB is sort of a cluster for a passenger when travelling, especially by air and to me that's like stopping @ Piggly Wiggly on your way to McDonald's with some hamburger & buns and having them cook up your stuff! I usually drink differently depending on what I eat that day, or even my mood...and 3-4-5 days & spending that much and no choice in libation...boring! But that's me...from a business standpoint, it's an excellent idea, less manpower & less hassle dealing with "dry counties" & alike...still not an advantage to me though.
As for entertainment...that too is subjective to one's a younger man on the DQ with my trips I would attend maybe one or two shows, unless it was a themed cruise (Dixieland music for example) DQSC did nearly 20 years ago having Pete Fountain, Dukes of Dixieland and alike for an evening of which my folks & did 3 years in a row...

Of the two I mentioned...I prefer ACCL, they are usually cheaper in fares and they to more destinations where others don't...

The point being now is that these two "competing" small ship companies are doing OK...keeping it simple....albeit with modern "facilities & equipment" with one charging a greater premium over the other...who knows...maybe that's something a potential boat operator needs to look into...think small, rather than big!

I don't I last cruised nearly 5 years ago, having been long priced out of the US market, but the end cruise experience was far different that how it started for me over 30 years ago, and that was not a good thing!
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