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How about puttin' the small office staff right on the boat? Like Alan sez, cycle them thru the boat staff. That way they will get to KNOW the problems of actually running the boat and in the case of crew...running the front office. It is interesting for me to note that I cannot detect one front-office person posting on this board. I din't say there were none, just that they keep a low profile if they are here! As a book author, I know that promotion is not important, it is EVERYTHING. When you consider that most prospective pax hardly ever even SEE a steamboat, you begin to see the magnitude of the job. If recent past operations are any indication there was a concerted effort to keep them off the boat. (anybody on this board besides me been denied entry?) I know, that shore folks get in the way of "turning the boat around", but, what better way than to expose them to satisfied folks who are just coming off a cruise? The crew won't like it, but I note they don't like not having a job either. Like sandbars, drift, high and low water and fog, prospective passengers must be dealt with somewhere, somehow...what more effective place than on the boat itself? What about having the Captain's Dinner (gasp!) uptown? Pre advertised that it is open to all (Dutch treat) and have the crew there in full uniform?? I might add that one of Betty Blake's very real assets (that I never see mentioned) was the fact that she was not at all hard to look at and was very visible EVERYWHERE. As far as paddle wheels are concerned, I like 'em, but I note that my two little steamers attract plenty of attention and neither one has a paddle wheel...but they ARE steam-powered and I'm not afraid to use the whistle! Visibility is one thing, but liking what they see is quite another! Now, this is just one guy's opinion. Cap'n Walnut.
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