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On the two Uniworld boats I was on in Europe. each boat held 132 passengers and had a crew of just 27. Two of the "maids" had dishwashing duty each night while the other "maids" served dinner. The "maids" rotated the dishwashing duties each night. Contrast that to the RIVER BARGE which held about 200 passengers but had a crew of 60.
Alan, why do you think 250 passengers is the optimum number? Uhm, that would equate to 125 rooms, spread over 3 decks which would mean 41 rooms per deck. Or 20 rooms on each side.....10 feet per room, could easily fit on a 250/300 ft long boat.
Let's say the boat is 300 feet long and 50 feet wide, how many horsepower would it take to move it along at 12 mph?
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