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I would try to form some sort of river consortium interested in owning and WORKING a passenger boat. Each investor would be obliged to work on the boat a minimum number of trips, but at least one must be aboard at all times.

The boat should be diesel powered with pilothouse control. It should be of modest size, say 200' to 300' feet long and have a capacity of 250 passengers. Feeding would be buffets at all meals. It absolutely must be immaculately clean, and easy to keep that way.

Every employee must "double in brass" (pilots masters and mates must be prepared to function in all three jobs), hotel crew must do serving, janitor, and room servicing; and the deck crew must also help with clean-up. The fewer employees, the better. Anyone not flexible enough in mind or body should seek employment elsewhere. All employees should be encouraged to invest in the business. Happy extroverts only would be wanted.

Every possible advertising and publicity method must be employed.

The office staff must be small and able to work at each others' jobs. (Remember how Judy Roberts was the entire Belle of Louisville office staff for all those years!)

Now all we need is eight investors with an average of $2,000,000.00 or more to spend.
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