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No Paddlewheel? Or it's not really propelling the boat?
I'm not there! It's also one of the things I didn't like about the AQ either (besides being way too big)
Truth be told, I don't like all the noise from the dismal generators aboard the DQ either--but I put up with them (There's got to be a quieter way of generating electricity--hint hint, steam is quiet!).
I prefer the gentle quiver of the boat pushed by the wheel.
But then, I'm not the main target passenger either--but I do think that if you are marketing a riverboat trip in the Miss' and associated rivers, folks will expect a paddle wheel--and twin stacks (though I don't insist on that, but then I'm from Californy, where single stacks were the usual).
Hmm, while I'm posting my preferences, I want a wheel powered with pitmans, not chains--although there are some famous boat that used chain drive.
David D.
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