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Default New boats

In addition to Ted's suggestions I think it is very important to design attractive boats. They could be economical to operate diesel powered sternwheelers that looked like old time steamboats. Make them small enough - like Natchez, JBS, Belle of Louisville, so that could go anywhere. Whether they would be overnight boats or just day excursion vessels, make them attractive to the eye so that potential customers, when seeing one of them, would want to take a trip. (No more Mississippi Queens, Please!)

I'm no marine architect, but I was trained as an artist and designer and I can build pretty good models. A few years ago I used a model kit of the Creole Queen and redesigned the superstructure into what I feel is a much more attractive boat. I named it Ohio Valley in honor of the boat that Fred Way had designed in the mid 1920s but was never built. I hope these attached photos of the model get posted along with this text. If not I'll try again, as I'm new to posting photos.

If I saw this boat coming into my landing, I'd sure want to take a ride on it.
And put big air calliopes on the boats that would play automatically or with a keyboard. And have Travis program them.
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