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Default How Would YOU Do It ????

Greetings From New Orleanbs !
When you take into account the make up of the people that both read and post on this web page concerning steamboating , there is an absolute wealth of personal and second hand experience of what should and should not be done to successfully run and operat a steamboat company . Think fo it , there are both retired and still working Coast Guard licensed deck and engineering officiers , there are the frequent " flyer " passengers , there is of course the Buffs and Buffets ( Thank You Capt. Ware ) and if the truth was known I would also imagine that there were a few ex-management steamboat or even cruise line people whom have had to deal with all the unique situations that occur on the Mississippi River system .
For the most part , most of us that have followed the demise of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company have a pretty good idea of what happened , of what worked and of what did not work !
So , here is your chance folks to be the CEO of a steamboat company , and to implement all the rules and regulations that YOU believe are necessary to operate a modern day Mississippi River steamboat company .
Here are a few of mine .
1. Operate two boats , one on the upper rivers and one on the lower rivers .
2. One centrally located home office ( possibly Memphis ) .
3. Experienced " Boat People " that are now in charge in the home office .
4. Better treatment and training of ALL boat personel including pay and chance of advancement .
5. A shorter operating season .
6. Better variety and scope of on board entertainment , possibly an on board casino or more non traditional river related song and dance routines .
7. Fewer employees in the home office .
8. Better marketing of the company and the boats . Reincarnate Betty Blake
9. Focus on only the more profitable Ports Of Call .
10. More competive pricing of cruses with the Cruise Ships .

These are just a few of the things that I would do and or at least consider inorder to successfully run and operate a modern day Western River steamboat company . Now , what would YOU do or for that matter not do ??
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson
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