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Misbehavior seems to come in phases. When Doc Hawley was captain it was to back out light bulbs, then throw them at passing motorboats.

Doc ended that right quick! He sent up the hill for an industrial-sized jar of Vaseline while the crew screwed those bulbs in as tight as they could. They were then given a film of Vaseline. Summertime in Louisville brings out swarms of tiny green insects that look like miniature locusts. They are drawn to lights and soon the bulbs developed a pale green hue of bugs stuck in Vaseline.

When a miscreant grabbed a bulb he immediately had a slurry of gooey, green Vaseline on his hand. His next move was to wipe his hand on his breeches. That phase of vandalism soon ended and the light bulbs stayed put.

A certain amount of petting between overheated teenagers was allowed during moonlights, so we normally extinguished the texas roof lights soon after departure to accommodate them and to protect the light bulbs. They did not know that "eyes was watching" in the gloaming to forestall what comes naturally. A warning from a watchman was usually enough to restore order.
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