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Today they lock miscreants in a spare steel "stateroom."

Doc Hawley said they once locked 5 would-be fighters in the jail together. They didn't come out as friends, exactly, but they had no fight left in them.

In an effort to trim the Belle we moved the jail to the firebox. It was not a good idea. I went to check on the guy and as I rounded the corner I heard our fireman yell, "If you don't shut up I'm gonna peel yo' skull!" He was brandishing a heavy wrench, but didn't peel the fool's skull. We moved the jail back to the engineroom.

During my three years on the boat we only jailed about four or five idiots.

There was a hatch leading to the nastiest compartment in the hull at the stern rake.
The bottom was slick with a slurry of mud, grease and river water. As soon as a drunk saw that hatch he'd get the idea he could escape that way. Only one tried it. His feet shot out from under him and he landed on his back in the mess.

Then there was the time the boat's carpenter showed the jail to his girl friend. The hatch cover tilted and down she went. It took five people to get her out of there.
I think the romance died that day.
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