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Default Spirit of Jefferson

Welcome to the Spirit of Jefferson!! It is spending this week along the Ohio River Region. It visits four cities in our region and we're delighted to have her here. Happy Halloween!! It is a thriller to have the boat here and today it is in Tell City, IN. Then this week the boat goes to Owensboro, Ky, then to Henderson, Ky, and winds up the annual river tramp to Mt. Vernon, In. Now, that is a city that is excited to have the boat come!! They even added an extra meal for folks to enjoy. And, in Mt. Vernon, IN, today they are having a Smokestake celebration and knocking down an old brick smokestack that many have called an eyesore which gives way to some new landscaping and renovations they are going to do along their riverfront. Their Mayor there is very progressive. And, she does a great job. I've asked in our media to find someone to find ties for our boat ramps in the county.....we have two boat ramps and no way to tie down the boats. Now, thats a kicker.
I asked the media to be sure to cover this boating event and thank them for any and all help they've done to get us boats in this area. It was a surprise to them that a boat was in the region. Well, we'll give them a great "Hello". I'm sure that they'll cover them in Henderson, Ky or in Mt. Vernon, In.
I've asked the Spirit of Jefferson to look at marker 797 the Nu Plaza Yacht Club, it is a marina, the largest in this area, for possible docking sometime.
Welcome to the Spirit of Jefferson!! Mary
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