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Hi, Shipyard:
You're on..ahem...the money Re: value then compared to today. Food for thought. The other diary I have here was penned in 1867 by a young Pennsylvania woman named Laura Johnson. Here trip out west by train and steamboat on the Mississippi extended from September well into November as she mentions the early cold spell with ice in the Mississippi. In the back of her diary she lists her expenses mentioning the 5 cent ferry boat ride along with another 25 cents to transport luggage. She must have traveled with a lot of baggage. Some months back .org poster Sharon Cunningham posted a web link to a site for money conversion then and today. You typed in the date back then and the prevailing cost of this and that and it converted--within reason--to present value. I wish I'd saved it. Sharon, are you reading this?

R. Dale Flick
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