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Speaking of railroads, I was escorting a rebuilt Pullman car on freight trains from Sayre, PA to Laredo, TX for delivery to the Mexican railroad in December, 1981. We departed Sayre with the hope of making the trip in time to fly home for Christmas. Several delays en-route squelched that idea and as we rolled to a stop at the MoPac yard in Texarkana on the afternoon of December 24th I noted a train on the left with an empty caboose and another on the right with another empty caboose. As the crew from my train began to leave I asked the conductor when the next crew would be on duty to take us south and he said, "On December 26th. The railroad's shutting down for Christmas". So, I was stuck in Texarkana for a Christmas by myself. I walked into town and luckily found a cafeteria that was still open as most restaurants had already closed for the holiday. I was lucky enough to find one open on Christmas Day. Funny thing about those trips which I made over a two year span, no matter how I routed the cars, it was always a 10 day trip.
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