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That was when 5-Cents was FIVE CENTS! Wages in 1865 were from one to three dollars a day for the average working stiff, I'd guess. So if the same guy could teleport himself into 2006 and make $10 hour, and work eight hours a day; he'd make ten times per hour than he did per day in 1867 making a buck-a-day. In a working day, today, he would earn 80X's more $$ per day that he did back 139 years before, but of course, laboring less at fewer hours, but that won't factor in here. Let's then assume that the 80-1 ratio holds true for the cost of the ferryboat ride-- our misplaced time traveler would have to fork over $4.00 fare. That's in the ballpark for what it would cost to ride a river ferry today. Anderson's ferry, on the Ohio River below Cincinnati, costs around $3 - $3.50 per car, and I'm assuming our 1860's dude, somehow, is crossing in an automobile.
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