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Default Just another day

I have spent several Christmas on towboats. The companies I worked for, Scott Chotin and Orgulf, tried to split Xmas and New Year between the crews and rotate every other year.
As to being on the boat, there was a slightly increase in the lonesome feeling of being away from home. This was before cell phones and computers so shoreside contact was not as great.
One Xmas eve and day was spend changing out an oil cooler on one of the 20 cly. M/E's while waiting for the ice flows to clear up.
Another was spent building tow in the St. Louis harbor.
Everyone tried to put on a brave face and look at it as just another day but each crew member would have rather been some place else.
T.V. was a reminder that these several days were suppose to be speical but that it did not extend to the boats. This was something that effected all on the boat from Capt. on down.
The people who had young kids or very strong family ties were the most effected. For some of us being on a boat was O.k. because we had no where else to be anyway.
There were attempts to create a festive mood but were temporay. I think the square watch actually helped by making the days go quicker.
After 1 Jan. things were back to a more normal routine and the Holidays forgotten in the daily workings on board.
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