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Dave Tschiggfrie and I have been good friends for over three decades, not to mention being fellow crew members on the DQ. People don't come any finer than Dave and I will always remember the kindness of Dave and his wonderful parents when I first visited Dubuque many years ago and they gave me the grand tour, including a trip on the Incline and a finale' of delicious ice cream before returning to the DQ. Like Judy Patsch, Mr. Joe Tschiggfrie was always at the landing, no matter the time, to do whatever errand might be needed by the DQ. Dave is a steamboat buff of the highest order and son Jonathan (who is an up and coming musician) has followed in those footsteps. A couple of years ago, while aboard the BELLE for an evening trip, Chief Kenny Howe was showing Jonathan the engines "up close" with all the usual steamboaty sounds and smells of the engineroom adding to the scene. The look on Jonathan's face was priceless as his beaming father looked at me and proudly said, "That kid is HOOKED!" Indeed, we'll have a great day of steamboating fun and fellowship on July 1st. Y'all come!!!
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