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The BA was at Players Casino, Metropolis, for a while, and if you want her you can have her.

My perspective of most any boat, or "boats", is from the operational side, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but..... when I think of the BELLE ANGELINE, I remember most the sewage tank constantly overflowing and wading in the stinking mess to get the system straightened-out and back on line. Don't ask where the foot and a half of black water in the basement went. And then there was the time we were restacking hundreds, if not a thousand, concrete blocks down in the bilge, to reballast the BELLE. My fingers still ache with the memory.

Perhaps because the BA wasn't a "real" boat was why I did never bonded with it, but the very name brings a chill to the air, although there was a very pleasant atmosphere inside the dining and bar facilities, and our specialty hamburger, the "Murphy Burger", named for the Great and Late Captain Ken Murphy, was only matched by the "Rudy Burger", the specialty of the house at the Kuttawa Marina on Barkley Lake where small green turtles float on the surface of the lake begging for offerings of bread and grilled beef.
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