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Dear Bob & gang posting on this thread:
Thanks for the postings in insights on the Str. PRESIDENT. Bob, keep those photos coming if and when it's 'safe.' Posting on the job can be dicey at times. Many of you have been far luckier as I never once was able to step foot on the PRESIDENT but viewed and photographed her from a distance. She was the star of the show during the Cincinnati Bicentennial, 1788-1988 and first Tall Stacks. People at all hours day and night came down to stand and stare at her. I was so close but so far living and working on John Beatty's CLARE at that time.

The PRESIDENT obviously shows wear and tear but the clear photo of her bell is amazing. The present bell was cast from the bells of the CITY OF LOUISVILLE & CITY OF CINCINNATI fished out of the debris following the big ice of 1917/'18 here in Cincinnati. I hope the bell we see, and the PRESIDENT in general, is well guarded for any future vandalism. Good work, Bob.

R. Dale Flick
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