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Default PRESIDENT now...trying this again

I think I might have figured it out his time. I have tried to upload 16 pix that I have, but this computer will only allow me to load one at a time. It is so slow, that I am only posting 3 for now. I have others that I may post as time permits. While I am sitting at a dock in Joliet, IL loading right now, my company does expect me to do work while here, not play on the computer all night! ;)). Franz is (very understandably) unable to help right now. If I were at home with my DSL connection, I'm sure it would be much easier!

I am glad to hear the new owner is so optimistic about his project, and I'm sure he has a good idea what he's in for, but my, that is a MASSIVE undertaking he proposes! I am about the furthest thing there is from a "money" person, but I wonder if the amount spent might not equal what it would take to put the boat back in running condition, after all he proposes is said and done?

Keith, I too feel very priveleged to have ridden the PREZ under steam in NOLA harbor, with Capt. TeJoe and Capt. Curran Streckfus. Lexie Palmore and I gained access to the pilothouse by having Capt. Arthur McArthur with us, and it was wonderful. This was, I believe, in 1976 or 77.

I also remember once when our family was in NO for vacation (I was about 8 or 9) and we rode the Canal Street Ferry, just to say we'd done it. As we came in on the East Bank side, I remarked, "Oh, look at that big boat (the PRESIDENT)" my mother, obviously referring to the boat's condition and the fact she had known the boat for years, said to me, "Oh, that's just that old PRESIDENT; we don't want to go on THAT". Oh, how our perceptions change over the years!!!

Here's wishing the best for the owner of the boat and his plans.
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