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I don't see any pics, but your verbal description is sad enough. She'll probably sink before getting repaired. Sadly, the hull is usually the thing that is not tended to when making repairs, and without a good one, all the superstructure in the world doesn't matter. Besides the obvious reason that they could convert to a windowless box for a casino, Connelly's group didn't keep the PREZ because of the needed hull repairs back in 2000. I believe the guess was about 4 million to make it casino-safe. You know what sitting in fleets for 6 years has done to it. Ditto for the ADMIRAL. They never have fixed that hull right - my theory is it can sink just as easily dockside as out cruising - water is water! I wish they would auction off the individual pieces of the PREZ, like the bell, whistle, and the calliope remains, so that at least something would remain of this proud boat for future generations.
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