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Default Siren Song


You should remember:

That old GLS wharf boat ended up in Madison, Indiana, sunk right below where we landed in 1971. Cap rode down on the boat as the MATE (!!) and I was the Captain. The only time Big Cap "worked" for me. When the Mate (you?) arrived, Wagner got off, but when I tried to get the boat twisted out into the swift current, it set back down toward all the twisted steel of the wharf boat. I kept it off the iron reef, but I did what was best even though it may cost me some pride, and I asked Cap to come back aboard and get the boat cocked out into the current so we could get out of there.

He did, and by time he had the DELTA QUEEN twisted around, the stage was about three feet off the bank, and poor ole Cap had to wade ashore in his new brown leather shoes, yellow suit, and unblocked, flat brim hat he wore Indian-style. I still feel bad for him, but if I hadn't used prudence over pride, I shutter to think of what could have happened and I still grimace as I remember looking down at that twisted steel maul beckoning its siren song.
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