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Default The PRESIDENT as she looks today

Since I am a computer dummy when it comes to anything but the most basic stuff, I'm not sure if this will work. This is also the reason I have not taken or posted any pics of the PRESIDENT until now. Here is my attempt at it.

As I had mentioned before, the PREZ is languishing at Wood River, IL, and is a very sad sight, especially for those of us who remember the old boat in her steam days. I used to think the boat was not very attraqctive in her silver paint - what I wouldn't give now to see her back like that!

The Hull appears to be in not very good shape. There is a gash in the bow, just aft of the stem piece on the starboard side. As you can see from these pics (I hope!), there are several places on the main deck where the boat has been hit by barges or boats landing alongside, and stanchions are busted, decks and bulkheads are caved in, etc. Copious rust, calliope whistles missing, etc. I do find it intersting and encouraging that big bell is still in place! Anyway, I hope I can get these pics attatched so y'all can see for yourselves. I doubt the boat will ever do more than rot away, either at WR or somewhere else. Sad, sad, sad.
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