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Cap'n Walnut: I dimly recollect that the old Greene Line wharfboat was sold to somebody who intended to use it for a marina. The late Dorothea Frye told me of watching the operation when the dilapidated wharfboat was moved over to Covington. Despite admonitions that it might sink, Betty Blake and a few other hardy souls made the trip across the river -- wearing life jackets!

I'll check my files as I think I have some news clippings about the sinking, which happened in late 1968, perhaps in the vicinity of Anderson's Ferry ??? I was last aboard the wharfboat in September, 1967, shortly after the arrival of the SHOWBOAT MAJESTIC and towboat I.U. (ATTABOY) from Jeffersonville, upon which both vessels were temporarily tied up to the stern of the wharfboat. It was an awesome structure and made spooky sounds as it creaked and groaned. I was especially interested in Capt. McMurtry's "museum" between the stairways that led up to the offices. Capt. Mac had all kinds of "steamboat stuff" on display there from the Greene Line boats -- gingerbread trim, whistles, ring buoys, nameboards, lanterns, etc. It was pure "catnip" for a 13 year old afire with the steamboat fever!
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