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Default Greene Line Wharfboat in Covington

Going through Cliff's shoebox collection of "stuff", at the Rabbit hash Shipyard, we found this 1968 print of the Greene Line Steamers wharfboat tied up in Covington, KY where it was moved for the construction of that hideous cement stadium that pundits enjoyed calling "Paul Bunyan's Toilet Bowl". Thankfully, that eyesore was imploded after disgracing the Cincinnati waterfront for too many years.

The wharfboat is partially seen at the extreme right on the far shore. The excursion boat fleet below the Roebling Suspension Bridge predates Bernstein's BB Riverboats, and may contain some of Cap'n Johnson's party boats and Bill Marck's MARCK TWAIN that may have found its way to Captain Bill Bowell's operation in St. Paul, after Marck sold out. The DELTA QUEEN did not land alongside the wharfboat while either was in town, but Queenie used Schmidt Playfield, in the eastside of Cincinnati, as her alternate landing site. That was a good location, as I recall, and much easier to access than the Foot of Broadway Street site, especially after Bunyan's Bowl was completed and the DELTA QUEEN returned downtown to a much-reduced and over-crowded Public Landing.
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