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*RE: Writing/Editing/Research.*
Seamboating colleagues:
I agree 100% with ALL your views/summations RE: writing/editing/research and all the what-not it entails--a pure labor of love--as we've seen from the hands of Capt. Fred Way, Woody Rutter, Capt. David Smith. I shudder at what they are faced with. Consider also having in-depth knowledge of rivers, boat, people along with a personal library/archive of readily available material for reference. Being on time for printing, timely, interesting, always in the editor's mind along with sensitivity to the audience keeping standards up high. Many also faced with job responsibilities, family, other activities that would put time for such on a mere % basis. Fred did it the old time-tested way double typing over, laying out on story board, photos mounts, graphics. How did he do it? SSHSA pulled out of their dilemma with STEAMBOAT BILL and the end result proof of their new program.

Our Literary Club Secretary faced with using a desk-top publishing DVD program which he says, "Not as easy to use as people realize." These programs expensive and Capt. David Smith paid for his own--not accepting re-payment from S&D when offered. Fred Way shunned computer programs relying on his typewriter. "What if I hit the wrong key and it goes POOF?" he used to say. Once Fred had a glitch and had to quickly piece together a past REFLECTOR relying mainly on photos. People declared it one of his best that year. $1,000,000 worth of professional printing company equipment only as good as what's fed in. No replacement for the human eye, brain and hand.

Yes, paid editorship has long been considered but expensive. The names offered are great talents with remarkable ability. I know I wouldn't want the responsibility. 'And the rough places will be made plain.' Any writing I do is on a totally different interest field not really interesting to most. Heavy on deep sea steamships, military ships, old sailing vessels. Working now on a long one titled 'MUTINY!'

Now I REALLY know what I DON'T know.
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