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Like Judy,

I think a paid editor is needed for the Reflector. David is far too busy with his career to be able to devote the necessary time to the magazine.

I am retired and I write the weekly Old Boat Column for the Waterways Journal. Including pictures it involves less than a page of that publication and consists of 3,000 words, or less, per month. I am well-paid for doing this and the job has many side benefits. Even so, it takes an astonishing amount of time to decide what to write, to do the necessary research, find the pictures, and write it. I try to stay 10 issues ahead of publication. When I get busy elsewhere, lose inspiration, forget, or just plain loaf, and drop down to only five issues ahead, a week passes by in fewer than three hours! David has my complete and whole-hearted sympathy.

To turn out a 24 to 40 page issue in 90 days, year in and year out, requires one's major attention and should be paid well the work. The editor should be river-oriented and have some journalistic experience. The only team with those qualifications that comes to my mind is Jack and Sandy Custer, but there may be others who could qualify. Perhaps David Smith could be authorized to engage help. Barbara Huffman could do it, but she cannot do it and keep her present employment. Don Sanders might be able to find time. Judy Patsch is retired, literate and has a fine library and collection. There are others.

But, and this is a huge 'but', it will be a hard row to hoe.
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