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Thanks for that Link Sam, Good storey..

You know how sometimes things just fall in to place and come out wonderful,,?? Thats what I think about this video someone shot at the Sternwheel Festival in Marietta, O the weekend before the S & D meet..
If you watch it from the 3:00 minute on point ,, WOW .. Goose Pimples,,Chills,,Echo under the bridge,,..Its me doing my best Doc Hawley imitation on the Muskingum River down bound on the ANNA MARIE with the LAURA J pushing .. What a wonderful weekend,,!! And then getting to see everyone at the S & D Whistle Blow was absolutely Great . I even got Barb Hameister to play the DELTA QUEEN Waltz on the CaLLiope that Saturday..

YouTube - Calliope at 2009 Marietta Sternwheel Festival
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