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Default Landlocked again

We just got back from a 538 mile circuit up and down the northern coast of Oregon and are now in navigable-riverless Eugene.(The Willamette and McKenzie flow picturesquely through the town though.) As Keith mentioned, we went to the Maritime Museum in Astoria Tuesday. It has a nice section devoted to steamboating on the Columbia River, with many valuable artifacts including bells, whistles, licenses, bills of lading, furniture, photos of interiors and exteriors of many Columbia River steamboats - but no pilothouse on display. The towboat pilothouse was rather barren also, I thought it might be a simulator but it wasn't. The museum features, and does a very good job, highlighting the work of the Coast Guard. It goes to prove that when they work where the COAST Guard should, they are very efficient, important and respected. The visit to the mouth of the Columbia River and the Pacific was awesome - amazing waves created by the great outflow of the river crashing into the ocean. We stood on the south jetty and watched and photographed. The museum's introductory movie highlights the dangerous ascent/descent of the Bar Pilots onto the ships in those waves... don't know their pay vs. that of the Louisiana State Pilots, but it ought to be higher. Several pilots have died over the years making the transfer between ship and pilot boat . Today found us at the Tillamook Air Museum, housed inside a hangar built to hold 9 blimps during WWII. The hangar is 1082 x 290. The blimps were used to escort ships along the coast, and to ferret out Japanese subs along the coast. Since the hangar is at the port facilities, there were all types of vessels/vehicles there - including an ancient steam locomotive. I'll send pix of that to the 2 Steamlocos Jim... Pix of the river aspects will be posted when I return home next week, no facilities here to do so. We saw a couple of beautiful sunsets from our motel balcony on the beach, but neither could compare to those I see on the good old Upper Mississippi River!
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