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Default "Live from the Lightship" (not the levee!)

Judy Patsch phoned last evening as she and her sister were enjoying clam chowder on a deck overlooking the Pacific at Astoria, Oregon. They had just toured the Columbia River Maritime Museum and Lightship COLUMBIA. Judy reports that the museum has a fine collection of riverboat artifacts such as bells, whistles and models of sternwheelers, but no longer displays the replica pilothouse of the steamer ACHIEVER, now exhibiting instead a modern towboat pilothouse.

Despite a windy day (which was rocking the Lightship COLUMBIA) Judy's Oregon sojourn has been most enjoyable and she'll report more about it soon.

Photos: Steamboat pilothouse replica of the ACHIEVER (no longer exhibited)
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"Live from the Lightship" (not the levee!)-achiever-pilothouse-replica-crmm.jpg   "Live from the Lightship" (not the levee!)-achiever-pilothouse-replica-crmm-lazy-bench.jpg   "Live from the Lightship" (not the levee!)-achiever-pilothouse-replica-crmm-interior.jpg  

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