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Phillip: As Bubba responded, the Gillette and Eaton steam engines from the Str. MISSISSIPPI (now the BECKY THATCHER) were purchased in 1973 by the New Orleans Steamboat Company, removed from the boat at St. Louis by Capt. John Beatty and taken to New Orleans. They have been moved several times, but Judy Patsch and I visited them in a warehouse in 1983 and took pictures, along with the engines of the Army Corps of Engineer's sternwheeler, GEN. JOHN NEWTON, which long was the University of Minnesota's CENTENNIAL SHOWBOAT, until destroyed by fire several years ago.

To my knowledge, the BECKY is still for sale. She is shorn of all equipment, as the boilers were removed in 1969 to make space for "The Boiler Room Bar" at St. Louis and the pilotwheel is now displayed at the Point Pleasant River Museum. The only original "relic" on the boat is the pilothouse lazy bench, which was moved down to the main deck and many thought it to be a shoe shine chair! There have been recent stories in The Marietta Times that the city was going to "evict" the boat, but I think she's still at her Muskingum River landing, where she's been moored since moving to Marietta in 1975. As to her hull condition, etc., that's a question for a marine surveyor. Following the 1984 sinking, a thin steel overlay was placed over the existing hull plates. I am not aware of any hull work being done since this time.
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