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The engines, boilers and other sundry equipment were removed from the MAMIE in the 1940's when she was retired and became a boat harbor at West Alton, Missouri for the Harbor Point Yacht Club, owned by Spence and Lela Merrell, now long deceased. The marina still exists and one of the boat's boilers is/was still there in recent times as the upright base for a light house. The MAMIE S. BARRETT / PENNIMAN was renamed PIASA during her days at Harbor Point. When I first saw her in the 1970's, the whistle, roof bell, acorns, engine room telegraph and other equipment was still extant. The next time I was aboard, at Vicksburg in '88, most all of those items were gone. The pilotwheel is still in the pilothouse, along with the lazy bench. At the Howard Museum, we had hopes of obtaining the pilothouse and having it brought to Jeffersonville, on a flatbed truck, to be restored and open to visitors on the grounds.

From what I could see (from a safe distance!) this past May, only the steel frame work of the MAMIE is holding the pilothouse aloft, as her decks are collapsing. Lots of trees and other vegetation are rampantly growing all over the boat and some of the locals tell me the old boat is a real "condo" for snakes!
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