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Originally Posted by Keith Norrington View Post
Mr. Allen,

I last saw the MAMIE this past May and she continues to rapidly deteriorate, with decks collapsing, etc. Capt. Norman Antrainer, of Antrainer Marine Services, did a survey of her hull several years ago and said that it has NO integrity. Norman's grandfather, Capt. Peter Antrainer, had been master of the boat when she was named PENNIMAN. The hull had been foamed at one time, but much of that has been removed during the years she's been high and dry at Deer Park, LA, since the early 1990's. Previous owners offered her to the Howard Steamboat Museum (she was built at the Howard yards in 1921) but we had no means for transportation, restoration and maintenance.

Contact Maria Greer at the Deer Park Lake Campground for information. She can be reached at Deer Park Lake Campground and can tell you more about who owns the boat, etc.

You undoubtedly have viewed images of the MAMIE in previous postings. Those attached herwith were taken at various times, beginning in July, 1988 at Vicksburg when the boat was owned by Capt. John and Mary Hoseman, now deceased. The boat has rapidly declined in appearance since these photographs were made.

Keith Norrington, Curator
Howard Steamboat Museum
Does she still have any original equipment onboard her, gingerbread, telegraph, bells, gauges, lighting, engines, pumps, nameplates, signs, etc? I can think of a prime location to showcase her equipment and give it merit in a working field for thousands to see in full operation each year.
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