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Thank you for the reply Mr. Norrington. I will contact Ms. Greer at the Deer Park Lake Campground and see if she has any contact info for the vessel owner. I will also see if she can send some photos of it's current condition that can be posted here on this site. If the vessel it too far gone to even be moved without catastrophic destruction of her remains we will leave her be. It would be easier to clean her up on land than to try and fish the bits and pieces from the river. I had (and still do) hope of trying to breath life back into her but the more I dig into the information I can find on her the more bleak her chance of 'life' is slipping farther away. The salvage Towboat owner has expressed that he wants to know the exact condition of the vessel before he risks trying to move it. If there is a chance it could just fall apart and take his vessel down with it he won't go near it.

Thank you for your time and I hope to have some up to date photos for the board on the Mamie S. Barrett.

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