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Default Seeking information on Mamie S. Barrett


I am new to this board and I'm seeking information on the vessel Mamie S. Barrett. I contacted the Howard Steamboat Museum after seeing some pictures of the Mamie S. Barrett on some website devoted to forgotten riverboats where it made mention of the vessel in it's poor condition back in mid to late 90's when the photos were taken. I have always looked for a stern-wheeler in hopes of finding one that was relatively intact for restoration to working vessel. When Yvonne Knight from the Howard Steamboat Museum replied back he directed me here to find all the answers I was seeking on the Mamie S. Barrett. I had originally asked who was the current owner and what the vessel's current condition was in regards to towing her and if she would hold up to a tow to get her to dry-dock. I also asked the condition of her steam engine and if it would be salvageable back to working order or if vandals and scrap hounds had carted off all of her engine parts. I know she sits on a steel hull but from what I can tell from photos the rest of her was wood and will need extensive repair and replacement. Her interior is most likely striped to the bone and from what I have read here on the forums she is full of snakes. Anyone know if her hull will still pass USCG specs or would it most likely need replating? I have one small salvage towboat at standby should the current owner give permission to take her but I would like to know where to charter one or two additional towboats for safety and a more controlled tow as the Mamie S. Barrett is almost twice the size of the vessel on hand to move her. There is the concern she won't be able to make the trip from the Mississippi river delta to Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida.

I thank you for your time along with any and all answers.

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