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I just got back from the boat, I went down just for the weekend, the rest of the group leaves Monday so they should be reporting in soon! From what I gather it was a busy weekend, and a fun time was had by all. This morning an impromptu calliope concert broke out at about noon and continued on for a good half hour. And rest assured Mr. Dewey, Barb played a beautiful rendition of the Delta Queen Waltz (that songs gets me every time btw). Just a few of them many tunes included My Old Ky Home, Back Home again in Indiana, Beautiful Ohio, Rocky Top, Saints, Little Sir Echo, Cruising down the River, and Ole Susanna. It was great to see as Barb and Kathy played the people on shore turn and walk down to the bank to watch and listen. People from all over the boat, even a few cabin stewards wandered to the stern to listen. We even had a newcomer earn her calliope certificate (which they really still have on the boat to be issued)! The ole Queen never fails to draw a crowd! For a moment there it was almost as if we were about to depart! Can't wait to see what everyone else has to add!

Below are some pictures, (1) Barb Hameister at the keys, (2) Small group shot on the fantail by the freshly painted paddlewheel, (3) Some steamboaters on the Duck tour convinced the Duck captain to swing close by the DQ, so I shot this picture from just outside the forward cabin lounge.
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