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Default 70th meeting

Best wishes to all who attend for a fun-filled 70th anniversary weekend.

Bob, I hope you and fellow board members will discuss the Reflector situation. I imagine since we haven't been posting about it, that most of us have given up ever getting it back on schedule, or figure complaining is getting us nowhere. But it does need to be pointed out that today, 9 days into the 9th month of the year 2009, we have received ONE issue of the Reflector for the calendar/membership year 2009. (The issue mailed in March was the Winter 2008, and the one received in June was the Spring 2009). In 2007 and 2008 calendar years we received 3, not 4 issues as stated in the membership benefits, and I strongly doubt we'll get 3 issues in these last 3 months of 2009. I know of several people who dropped their memberships for this year due to the Reflector situation, and I imagine there will be an even greater drop in 2010 if this issue isn't resolved - many of our memberships are libraries and organizations and the Reflector is the only benefit of their membership. In these tight money times, why would they continue to subscribe? Just to make a donation? I doubt it.
Many suggestions and offers of help have been made these past couple of years and naught has come of them. It is a difficult situation, and yes I know the amount of work needed to put an issue together, and I know the various and sundry reasons we have been given for the lateness/lack of issues.
If it is necessary that a paid editor be employed, then it is time - use J.Mack Gamble funds if necessary. That would be promoting river history by a non-profit organization.
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