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Phillip forgot to mention other tasks these guys accomplished during their brief stay - which included new paint on the engine room floor. She's getting close to lookin' as good as when Captain Mike and Chief Dennis was runnin' her every day! Yep, with the white sparkling paint on her superstructure and the clean green decks (no soot), she is a show piece for sure.

Most Chattanoogans are proud to have her there. The only time I have not seen someone standing in the park looking at her was during a rainy morning. It's so fun to hear kids say "It's the DELTA QUEEN". They know she's special!!! Coolidge Park is being used constantly and has many special events that draws folks to the shore. The DELTA QUEEN is on display ALL the time. I met the head of the Chattanooga Parks Department. He says they are pleased that she is there and are willing to help out any way they can.

No, this is not our first choice, but folks - think of the alternative. Go visit. Support her now, but continue to keep our Congressmen informed that they have made a grave mistake by not pressing for the exemption.

Sorry, I get distracted. GREAT job on the STARS!!!!!
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