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Default ...and the stars fell on Chattanooga...

Just a little tidbit on a recent addition to the Delta Queen, one all FRN's are sure to appreciate...

Upon a recent visit to the boat, Mr. Harry Phillips was so kind to let the Belle of Louisville's very own Dan Lewis show off some of his skill by painting new stars on the DQ's paddlewheel shaft. We figure the ole girl needs any luck she can get as she journey's down a new path (even if temporarily). Just wanted to share some pics!

Anyone have plans to go visit her soon? She may not be moving and trembling, but she's still the Delta Queen and still has all that charm! One of the most fun things I have found to do on the boat now is sharing some of her history and why she's special with the many new guests who know very little about the boat. Almost everyone of them I get the chance to talk to leaves with such a great appreciation for the Queen. Their eyes light up when they find out who has occupied these same halls and cabins, where the boat has been, etc etc. Here's our chance to spread the word about why she's special and worth saving!
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