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Default Guildford Belle

My brother Bill was driving the truck pulling the Guildford Belle last August 22-23 from New York to our farm in Smith County, Mississippi where we were raised and where Bill still lives. Next weekend, Bill will bring her to Spring, Texas where I live. The previous owner had already done a lot of work restoring the boat, but there remains enough to keep my friends and me busy for a few months. I also note that the seller had the boat ready for travel and gave us an excellent overview on tailoring and completion of restoration and also gave us paint and polishing supplies.

The Guildford Belle’s home base will be on Lake Conroe, Texas. My dear friend, Lonnie Riley will store the boat on his land on the lake when she is not on the water. Lonnie is the one person I talked to prior to buying the boat on E-bay. I found out about the boat being for sale less than two hours before the end of the bid. Lonnie and the rest of the guys in our group know a whole lot more about restoring boats and operating boats in general than I do. Without Lonnie and our group’s support, I would not have had the courage to undertake being an owner of a steamboat.

My brother and I do have a long history and connection to Steamboats. Our father, Captain Carroll “Rip” Ware (1912-1983) was a pilot on the Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen. Daddy’s picture is on website in the group of pictures with other Delta Queen employees in the late 70’s. John Hartford was referring to our father in “Captain Ware I’m sorry, my hat is off to you, you’ve been hanging around the old cook stove with the Steam Boat Whistle Blues.”

YouTube - John Hartford - Ramblin - 13 - Steamboat Whistle Blues

Like many of our relatives, I rode on the Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen when Daddy was the pilot and that was a most treasured time for all of us.

From 1967-1971, I worked as a deckhand on towboats on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and also worked at the Waterways Marine Boat Store in Memphis while I was attending Mississippi State University. Since 1972 until this summer, I have made my living off of crime, working as a police officer (Mississippi and Texas), probation and correctional officer/administrator, but most of my career has been spent in a college classroom teaching criminal justice. I am officially retired tomorrow.

I was most delighted to find this forum and look forward to learning and sharing with others the rich history and joy of steamboating.

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