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Hi, Shipyard & steamboating colleagues:
Yes, I noted in your initial comments seeing the GUILDFORD BELL in transit down on Highway 65 south of Louisville. What a lucky concidence. I again scanned/magnified the photos of the GB's steam engine and, as far as my bleery eyes can see, no engraved or stamped date in the cylinder head; possibly marked in another place. I've no way either of knowing if the engine we see is of 1910 vintage or later...possibly later. Lune Valley Engine Co., UK, is still no small concern. There's also a big interest and following in Australia in restoring, running vintage steam launches, yachts etc. using the Lune/Savery Compound Engine models. British engine and ship/boat builders sent engines, boilers and prefab vessels all over the world similar to DENNY BROS. with the DELTA KING/DELTA QUEEN. There are other more knowledegable minds on this web concerning the above.

The big question in my mind is the shipping costs to bring the GUILDFORD BELLE here to the U.S. No doubt by ship. I too wonder, as you, what the initial power/thrust of that small appearing wheel would be? There are keen engineering minds, and others with hands-on exprience, here like Alan Bates, 'Cap'n Walnut,' Kenny Howe, Bill Judd etc. who could elighten us.

Well, what do I know?

From chilly northern Lake Michigan,
R. Dale Flick
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